Feburary 2019 – There’s 30+ Rancho Del Oro Homes For Sale Oceanside CA

Are you are a buyer or seller in Rancho Del Oro? If so, you should know this information. In the past few years, low inventory has been the problem for buyers, and the GOLDEN GOOSE for sellers! The market is changing though!

You should know, it’s becoming more of a balanced Rancho Del Oro Real Estate market. It takes longer to sell a home in RDO. Why? you ask? Well, inventory is not LOW. There are over 30 Rancho Del Oro Homes For Sale to choose from. So, what used to be 4 or 5 Rancho Del Oro Home for sale, ¬†where you could easily see all listings in about 3 hours, now will take a couple of days. So, buyers are not as trigger happy, and sellers are having to adjust their expectations about selling, by making serious price reductions, or listing agressively from the get go.